Elderly driving limits criticized as “not the proper thing” – automobiles are “a lifeline”


Elderly driving limits criticized as “not the proper thing” – automobiles are “a lifeline”

ELDERLY DRIVERS SHOULD NOT BE RESTRICTED ON THE ROAD, as they rely on their cars as a “lifeline” to get to essential services.

Close Brothers Motor Finance managing director Sean Kemple said limits for senior drivers were “not the appropriate thing” because motorists would be “bracketed” by their age.

He believes that some limits for individuals who are medically unable to drive have a place, but that this should be done regardless of age.

Mr Kemple believes that any limits should be based on a driver’s actual driving abilities.

“I believe there is a place for limits for any individual of any age with a condition that impacts their capacity to drive,” he told This website.

“Clearly, that is something we must be aware of.

“However, I do not believe that placing restrictions on people of specific ages is the correct thing to do.

“Because you’re categorizing people based on their age rather than their aptitude, which isn’t acceptable in my opinion.”

“I don’t agree with further limits for older drivers; I believe it’s about skill, confidence, and your capacity to drive,” he continued.

“If I think about mobility, if I think about my parents for example, they are over 70, absolutely capable of driving, but they require a car.

“Unless they sell their home and move into a city center apartment, they will need a car to get about.

“It becomes a lifeline for individuals to use, which is definitely another perspective on it as well.

“They have their own mode of transportation.”

Drive Mobility recommended a range of driving restrictions for some older drivers in March, prompting his comments.

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They wanted to see older drivers with medical issues given limited access to the roadways.

Drivers would be free to drive throughout their neighborhood, but the distance they could travel would be limited.

Curfews would have been implemented, as well as the installation of tracking devices on cars, according to the suggestions.

The plans, however, are not the only ones calling for the implementation of elderly driving limitations.

Linda Jones, a campaigner, is campaigning for annual medical tests for older drivers to ensure they are healthy. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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