EE will provide all users with the ultimate upgrade, but this will ruin some phones.


EE will provide all users with the ultimate upgrade, but this will ruin some phones.

NETWORK EE has announced plans to expand its fast 5G signal across the country…

However, it is deactivating its older 3G technology, which means that some gadgets will no longer function.

EE has just made a bold pledge to all customers to enhance their signal. Yes, the UK network has now committed to bringing its fast 5G upgrade across the entire country. Only a few regions in the UK now have access to this next-generation technology, which allows users to download files, games, and movies at speeds of up to 300Mbps – around five times quicker than the typical UK fixed-line internet.

For £20 per month, EE is offering a 5G-ready SIM with 160GB of data.

You’ll also get unlimited calls and texts, as well as six months of Apple Music for free.

However, EE intends to reach the entire UK by 2028, meaning that most individuals with a 5G-ready phone in their pocket should be able to enjoy these incredible speeds.

Since the debut of 5G in 2019, EE has renovated over 100 towns and cities. This objective will be supported by 4,500 square miles of new EE coverage, as well as further road, air, and space solutions to deliver high-speed connectivity on the go, in the coming years.

This update is critical, and it’s not just for speedier downloads; 5G can handle more people using it at the same time, ensuring that things don’t come to a standstill at congested stations and stadiums.

“Over the last 18 months, we’ve helped the UK meet the demands of a pandemic,” Philip Jansen, Chief Executive of BT Group, said of the improvement. We must now look ahead in order to lay the most solid basis for future prosperity. We’re making a bold, long-term commitment to push high-speed 5G even further and quicker, and to connect it with our fiber network at its core for a seamless customer experience. BT will be first to a completely integrated future since Openreach was first to fiber, EE was first to 5G, and together they will be first to a fully converged future.”

So that’s the good news; but, upgrading the UK to 5G will cost money. This is due to EE’s requirement to decommission its existing 3G network in order to make room for faster speeds in the future.

“Brinkwire Summary News,” says EE.


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