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Edible Lego House: Kickstarter Startup Makes Waffle Iron That Shapes Breakfast to Lego Pieces!

If you can happen to eat lego pieces, will you? A startup company recently creates a solution to your lego pieces-cravings by designing a waffle iron that can produce shapes of a real lego piece! Now, the design is still under funding by Kickstarter, so unfortunately, you cannot buy it yet.

Imagine eating a piece-by-piece lego house for your breakfast! This is how ‘That’s Amazing’ company designed their newly-created waffle iron– to be the most important meal of the day and be the most exciting breakfast you and your kids can have while everyone is now stuck in their own homes.

“We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Well, now it can be the most fun, too. With Building Brick Waffle Maker, build anything you can imagine…. And then devour it!” written on the website.

The company claims this device as the “World’s First Building Brick Breakfast Waffle Maker” that brings to life your cravings on eating your lego pieces. Unfortunately, this gadget is not yet available on the market as the device still looks for funding using Kickstarter.

As of now, Mar. 26, the company already reached over $50,000 worth of pledges and has over 750 backers, according to Kickstarter.

If you wish to add to the pledges of this device, ‘That’s Amazing’ company offers free one building brick waffle maker to anyone pledges with $50 and more, while $100 and more can give you one waffle maker plus four additional construction plates on the side.

Using ‘That’s Amazing’s’ building brick waffle iron is easy as you thought it could be. Just like your normal waffle iron in the house, you just have to pour the waffle batter into the inside of the waffle iron, cover the bottom for it to cook instantly, and then, patiently wait for the lego-shaped waffle to be ready. It usually takes a few minutes to be cooked, and once it is done, you can create your own lego house with few strawberries, blueberries, and pour down some delicious syrup if you like.

“The Building Brick Waffle Maker is perfect for lazy weekend mornings, sleepovers, snow days, Building Brick parties, breakfast for dinner, or just about any time!” said ‘That’s Amazing’ on Kickstarter.

Just like this Building Brick Waffle Maker, there are a lot of other devices and cool stuff that startup companies create funding using the Kickstarter website. 

Some of the greatest examples today are the Sense-Force Chair Extreme that makes gaming seats more interactive as the game sound can be felt with vibration through your seats. Another item on the most-loved tech items on Kickstarter is the EyeRide HUD: Make Your Helmet Smart, that is augmented with GPS, Music, and Calls– to make your ride safer and convenient anytime you like. 

Other fun tech stuff is also available for funding on the website, and its a cool place to raise funding if you have any awesome creations out there. 

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