E10 fuel is ‘without a doubt’ reducing fuel economy and potentially cost hundreds of dollars more each year.


E10 fuel is ‘without a doubt’ reducing fuel economy and potentially cost hundreds of dollars more each year.

DRIVERS have stated that the new E10 Fuel is affecting their fuel efficiency, and that the modifications might cost motorists hundreds of pounds per year.

The new standard grade of gasoline, E10, was introduced to forecourts at the beginning of September. When it was first announced, the Department of Transportation predicted that it would have a small impact on fuel economy — roughly 1%.

It did say that this would be essentially imperceptible when driving, with other factors such as driving style and car weight having a greater impact.

Yorkieboy44, a website reader, noted an issue with E10, claiming that it has resulted in a significant decline in fuel economy.

“I’m using 90 gallons more on a tank full of petrol than before,” they stated.

This is one way for the government to compel people to switch to electric vehicles.

“However, because they cannot afford them, this will have an impact on automobile production and employment.”

This might have a significant impact on drivers, as a decrease in fuel economy may need more frequent fill-ups.

Drivers may be at the forecourt more frequently now that fuel costs are rising and traffic is back to pre-pandemic levels.

Love Brexit Britain, a fellow commenter, had a similar experience, claiming: “My car used to do 460 miles per full tank, now it only does 400 MPFT on E10.”

“To supply Europe with bio oil that is put to our E10 fuel, the EU tore up 700,000 hectares of beautiful South American rainforest to cultivate oil producing palms.”

“This harms our vehicles and affects fuel efficiency!”

This might have far-reaching repercussions, as some drivers may end up spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds on petrol each year.

Unavailable user comments “It does, without a doubt, yield less MPG,” he affirmed.

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“I double-checked mine using the onboard computer as well as a tank-to-tank check.”

“Since the modification, my 2021 Self Charging Hybrid is getting less MPG.

“It’s in the neighborhood of 5mpg less.” Every week, I drive the same route. In addition, the vehicle is in ECO mode.” Not everyone has been as harsh on E10 as some have been. The colder, according to website reader RobG666. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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