Due to an urgent software ‘safety risk,’ Ford is delaying the delivery of its first electric vehicle.


Due to an urgent software ‘safety risk,’ Ford is delaying the delivery of its first electric vehicle.

Following the discovery of an urgent “safety concern,” Ford has postponed deliveries of its all-electric Mustang Mach-E in the United Kingdom.

Dealerships have been instructed that new autos “must not be released to consumers” while the matter is investigated. Problems with the automobiles’ new digital eCall system installed in vehicles are to blame for the snafu.

The tool now displays “incorrect location information,” according to Ford, posing a safety risk.

The eCall gadget, according to Ford, instantly phones emergency services and transmits the vehicle’s location.

The program will allow you to make a call to an emergency dispatcher to see if the driver is conscious or seriously hurt.

Manually activating eCall can be done by pressing SOS on the above console.

A flaw in the equipment, on the other hand, could prohibit emergency personnel from accessing a car in the event of an accident.

According to a Ford UK representative, the issue arose as a result of a “software malfunction.”

“If the car position cannot be recognized when depending simply on eCall, which automatically contacts emergency services following a catastrophic accident,” they added, “this issue has the potential to generate a speculative risk.”

Because the location tool is a new requirement for all models built after 2018, automobiles have been delayed.x

Once an over-the-air update is available, Ford will tell customers who have already received their models.

This eliminates the requirement for drivers to visit a dealership or a garage to have the software update installed.

However, a spokeswoman clarified that the problem has no impact on the car’s “driveability.”

The problem is purely software-related, and Ford claims the vehicle poses “no immediate safety risks.”

“We will notify consumers whenever an over-the-air software update to repair vehicles without the need for a dealer visit is available,” it stated.

“This has no effect on the car’s drivability because there are no direct safety issues associated with its operation.”

Similar faults have been observed in the United States, and the UK glitch is not the first to affect the new Mustang Mach-E.

Ford acknowledged in February that approximately 4,500 buyers would have to wait for their new electric vehicle.

The company did not say what was causing the delivery delays, but it did say it was due to their dedication to “provide a quality vehicle.”

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