Due to an ongoing outage, users are unable to upload to Instagram Stories.


Due to an ongoing outage, users are unable to upload to Instagram Stories.

THOUSANDS OF ANGRY Instagram users have taken to social media this morning to express their dissatisfaction with the social media platform. Users are unable to add new photographs or videos to their Instagram Stories, according to complaints.

This morning, hundreds of Instagram users were unable to log in to the social media platform. Users on both the iPhone and Android apps appear to have been affected by the outage, with some Instagram users unable to navigate through their feeds, submit new photographs or albums, watch Reels, and other features. The great majority of concerns, though, appear to be focused on Instagram Stories, which are 24-hour-only presentations of photographs and videos.

When users try to add new photographs or videos to their Instagram Story, an error notice appears that says, “Something went wrong, please try again later.”

After you notice “Something went wrong, please try again later,” you’ll be rushing to Twitter. pic.twitter.com/TxFB0nl4sX #instagramdown

#instagramdown I thought it was my internet.

I’m trying to upload a tale within the previous 5 minutes, but it won’t go through. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled Instagram, but I’m still unable to log in. I’m sorry, but Instagram is down, you moron. pic.twitter.com/tH3vLm0Rti #instagramdown

More than 700 Instagram users have resorted to social media to complain about troubles with the service, according to independent website DownDetector, which records reports from customers across social media to monitor the functioning of web services. DownDetector uses the geolocation data associated with these posts to indicate that the majority of complaints appear to originate in London, Manchester, and Glasgow. The outage appears to be affecting users in other European nations as well.

Instagram has yet to respond to reports of an outage. The outage isn’t listed under the Known Issues button on the Facebook-owned service’s Help site. This is where Instagram often lists service issues that will affect a large number of people.

As of now, Instagram only mentions a problem with deleted comments still showing up beneath postings on the social media platform. “If you keep seeing an error message saying that a remark can’t be erased, it’s possible that the comment has already been deleted in our system,” it says. Because you’re seeing an older version of the page, the comment may still show. We’re aware of the problem and are working to resolve it.”


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