Drivers will be held liable for e-scooter accidents, which are the “greatest risk” to UK motorists.


Drivers will be held liable for e-scooter accidents, which are the “greatest risk” to UK motorists.

DRIVERS will be deemed “responsible” if they are involved in a car accident involving an e-scooter, potentially putting numerous other road users at risk.

E-scooters are expected to become one of the “biggest risks” to British road users, according to drivers. To avoid facing penalties, drivers must be able to “show” that they were not at fault in an accident.

They believe dash cam footage was vital as “proof in fighting insurance claims.”

If they are found to be at fault in an e-scooter accident, drivers may lose their no claims auto insurance discount and face additional expenses.

According to Bryn Brooker, a Nextbase spokeswoman, demand for e-scooters is increasing, which has raised the risk.

“With the surge in sales and trials, more commuters are utilizing e-scooters, and many riders are unaware of road safety,” he stated.

“With the arrival of darker and wetter evenings in September, as well as an increase in riders traveling in groups or using them after a night out, e-scooters are poised to become one of the most serious threats to British motorists.

“Unless they can show otherwise, motorists are likely to be held liable if they are involved in an e-scooter accident.

“In these situations, dash cams serve as impartial witnesses for drivers and can give critical evidence in contested insurance claims.

“Demonstrating your innocence and safeguarding drivers’ No Claims Bonus and future premium increases.”

E-scooters might become a “disaster for the motorist,” according to driving barrister Nick Freeman, who told This website last summer.

He warned that there would be “many serious incidents” and that drivers would face a “big struggle.”

Mr. Freeman also warned that blaming the driver in an e-scooter accident would be the “default position.”

“The default attitude is that if you are involved in an accident with a bike, an electric bike, or an e-scooter, it will be your fault,” he stated.

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“It’s not a legal presumption, but it’s a good place to start.”

“It will then be up to you to demonstrate that you were paying attention, that you were not distracted by the radio, looking at your sat nav, or being on your.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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