Drivers were warned that more snow warnings would be issued, as well as hefty fines for careless driving and footwear.


More snow warnings are expected, as well as hefty fines for careless driving and footwear, according to drivers.

The Met Office has extended its yellow weather warnings, which means motorists could face fines if they drive this winter.

The Met Office has expanded the scope of its previous yellow weather warnings for snow, ice, and winds to include the north Midlands and the north east of England.

The snow and ice warnings also warn drivers that travel will be disrupted, with roads and railways both likely to be impacted.

Longer travel times by car, bus, and train are expected, as well as the possibility of icy patches on some untreated roads.

Drivers are also warned that they run the risk of receiving fines and penalty points on their license.

If you’re going out into the snow and ice, wearing warm boots with good tread may seem like a no-brainer.

However, drivers should avoid wearing thicker boots while driving.

According to Rule 97 of the Highway Code, “clothing and footwear should not prevent you from using the controls in the proper manner.”

A £100 fine and three points on their license can be imposed if they break this code.

Despite the danger, they are more likely to receive a warning or be offered an educational driving seminar.

With colder temperatures, snow, and ice expected in the coming days, drivers may face fines for careless driving.

Using a cell phone or drifting between lanes aren’t the only examples of careless driving.

When icy roads affect braking times and handling, following another car too closely, driving too fast (even within the speed limit), and taking a corner too fast can all become dangerous examples of careless driving.

By Miles’ CEO and Founder, James Blackham, issued a warning to drivers about the dangers they will face in the coming days.

“With stormy and snowy weather expected across northern parts of the UK in the coming days, we’d advise drivers to stay safe and cautious on the roads,” he said.

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“It’s best to only travel in bad weather if it’s absolutely necessary.”

If you don’t have a choice but to travel by car, there are a few things you can do to avoid it.

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