Drivers should expect ‘increased risk’ this January as a result of ‘difficult conditions.’


Drivers should expect ‘increased risk’ this January due to ‘difficult conditions.’

According to experts at TyreSafe, drivers face an “increased risk of aquaplaning” this January due to “difficult” conditions.

They warn that checking tyres before driving is “even more important” as the cold winter months approach.

Simple checks, they said, could “save the lives” of you and your passengers in your vehicle.

“Pledge to check your tyres once a month, every month, and before long journeys could be the most life-changing New Year’s resolution you could ever make,” Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said.

“The conditions in January are already difficult, with an increased risk of aquaplaning, which is why it is even more critical during the winter months.”

“It only takes a few minutes, less time than a workout or preparing a detox smoothie, and it could save your life, your passengers’ lives, and the lives of other road users.”

Aquaplaning occurs when a layer of water builds up between the vehicle’s tyres and the road surface, according to Tyresafe.

When this happens, the tyres lose their ability to make effective contact with the road.

Any steering, braking, or acceleration efforts by the driver will be ineffective, effectively putting the car out of control.

To avoid accidents, experts say that tyres must have “adequate tread depth.”

Tread helps to keep water out of the gap between the road surface and the tyre, lowering the chance of an accident.

On a brand new tyre, tread clears the equivalent of a bucket full of water every seven seconds.

The lower the tread depth, on the other hand, the less water it can carry, increasing the risk of losing control.

TyreSafe warns that a simple 20p piece can be used to check the tread depth of your tyres in seconds.

They warn that the outer rim of the 20p is approximately 2.6mm thick, while the legal tread depth limit is 1.6mm.

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The tyre is probably fine if the border is completely hidden after pushing the coin into the tread.

Drivers must have their tyres checked out by a professional if even the tiniest amount of rim is visible.

TyreSafe also advises drivers to keep their tires properly inflated at all times for added safety on the road.


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