Drivers passing through France must quarantine even if they do not exit their vehicle, causing outrage.


Drivers passing through France must quarantine even if they do not exit their vehicle, causing outrage.

Quarantine is still required for drivers passing through France on their way to a green-list nation from the UK.

Anyone coming in England from France (including those transiting through France) must continue to be quarantined as of July 19. Even if they are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, they must quarantine for 10 days at home or in another location.

According to the Government website, if you travel to England in a private vehicle, you must follow the rules of the nations and territories you pass through.

This means that if you travel via France, and you get in England, you must follow the amber list criteria.

This is true whether or not you stop in the country or territory.

You would still need to quarantine if you drove from Germany to France without stopping and then took the Eurotunnel to England.

As of August 2, this was revised on July 30 and is still in effect.

This comes as the UK has relaxed quarantine requirements for persons who are fully vaccinated from the US and EU countries on the amber list.

This does not, however, include France.

In the case of France, the UK stated that Amber was now classified as “amber plus.”

“Anyone who has been in France in the last ten days will need to quarantine on arrival in England in their own accommodation and will require a day two and day eight test, regardless of their vaccination status,” according to the advice.

“Any fully vaccinated individual transiting via France from a green or another amber country to reach England” is included.

This suggests that drivers who traveled via France after visiting a green list country in Europe may be subjected to quarantine.

Despite this, several exceptions exist, such as critical labor such as lorry drivers.

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On social media, drivers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the decisions.

“Could you kindly look at this nonsensical issue regarding driving across France with zero interaction being counted as dangerous and requiring quarantine restrictions, please?” one Twitter user asked the Department of Transportation.

People will be looking forward as coronavirus restrictions in the UK continue to relax. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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