Drivers of gasoline and diesel vehicles can use a new tool to see if they are subject to vehicle registration fees.


Drivers of gasoline and diesel vehicles can use a new tool to see if they are subject to vehicle registration fees.

DRIVERS in a number of UK locations can check whether they are subject to a new auto tax adjustment.

People can use the government’s national database checker to discover if their car is compliant with Clean Air Zone standards and will not be charged. Portsmouth’s Clean Air Zone, along with Bath and Birmingham, will be added to the database as of today.

Councillor Dave Ashmore, Portsmouth’s cabinet member for community safety and the environment, said it was “critical” that residents learn whether or not they must pay.

The checker could be crucial since drivers may be able to obtain money to assist them pay their fees.

“Even if a Clean Air Zone is not our ideal method for improving air quality, it is critical that we convey as much information as possible to the public,” he said.

By entering your vehicle registration number online, you may now see if your vehicle will be charged.

“If you’re facing a charge, get in touch with us to learn about the funding options for upgrading or retrofitting your vehicle.”

Drivers will need the details of the number plate they want to check in order to utilize the online checker.

After entering their information, drivers will be given an estimate of how much it will cost them to use all three Clean Air Zones.

Drivers will be able to check multiple vehicles at once, which might be useful for family vacations or business journeys.

Drivers can use facilities to pay for their Clean Air Zone charge in Birmingham from the checker.

Drivers of regular internal combustion vehicles who do not fulfill emissions regulations will be charged £8 per day.

Private drivers are not charged in Bath, and Portsmouth’s plan will not be operational until the end of 2021.

TfL has set up a separate portal for cars who want to see if they are eligible for Congestion Charge ULEZ charges in London.

The TfL calculator shows how much drivers will have to pay in different time zones.

Drivers have the option of paying a one-time cost or setting up an AutoPay service to ensure they never miss a payment.

Failure to pay Clean Air Zone or ULEZ fees can result in serious consequences, with drivers facing fines.

A £160 Penalty Charge Notice will be given to car drivers, which can be lowered to £80 if paid within 14 days.


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