Drivers may notice a “shift in attitudes” toward hiring cars, which would be a massive blow to private car owners.


Drivers may notice a “shift in attitudes” toward hiring cars, dealing a major blow to private car owners.

In a massive blow to private vehicle owners, a “greater expansion” of schemes across the UK could see a “shift in attitudes” towards hiring vehicles.

If more policies were in place to support car-hire schemes, James Taylor, general manager of Zipcar, warned that “usage” of vehicles could change.

To encourage the adoption of electric vehicles, he has urged cities to “promote car-sharing schemes more widely.”

Mr Taylor claimed that renting electric vehicles was an “affordable” way to try out the new models.

“Car sharing is already becoming part of the mainstream in major cities like London,” he told This website.

“Several car clubs operate in the city, with approximately 600,000 Londoners already belonging to one.

“Car club services in the UK need to be expanded more widely.”

“We will see a shift in attitudes and usage as more people see car clubs on their street and recognize their convenience.”

“However, policies to support this expansion are also required.”

“The Department of Transportation has outlined plans to assist car clubs in becoming completely emission-free.

“However, cities and local governments must promote car sharing schemes more broadly as a cost-effective way to access electric vehicles, for example.”

Due to the high upfront costs of owning an EV, Mr Taylor has previously warned that car-sharing will be “far more accessible” than buying one.

The warning could be a setback for private car owners, who may soon be forced to sell their vehicles.

Trudy Harrison, the country’s transportation minister, warned last month that the country needed to “move away from the 20th century thinning around private vehicle ownership.”

She cautioned drivers to think about “more flexibility” and “low-carbon shared transportation.”

This, according to Ms Harrison, includes looking into developing car clubs and sharing rides.

Almost two-thirds of car trips are taken by single drivers, she admitted at the Collaborative Mobility UK Conference.

“The challenge is to move further and faster to make shared mobility less of a novelty and more of a norm, making it as simple, convenient, and accessible as possible,” she continued.

“We are approaching a tipping point where shared mobility, such as car clubs, scooters, and bike shares, will soon be a viable option for many of us.”

Ms. Harrison continued.

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