Drivers face a hike in parking fines that could cost two days’ wages to pay off – ‘crazy.’


Drivers face a hike in parking fines that could cost two days’ wages to pay off – ‘crazy.’

Parking fines may be increased in the future, with companies aiming to raise the price to £120.

The British Parking Association (BPA) is advocating for a £120 fine cap, up from the current cap of £100.

Government ministers, on the other hand, are calling for the cap to be lowered to £50, calling the price hike proposals “crazy.”

Motoring groups have pointed out that paying off a £120 ticket would take a key worker on a 35-hour, minimum wage contract of £8.91 two days.

According to the BPA, £50 fines, reduced to £25 if paid within 14 days, would be seen as a “bargain” by motorists when compared to the cost of parking.

They are concerned that this will lead to drivers opting for the lower fine rather than a parking ticket.

“We are calling on the Government to reconsider its proposal to reduce the level of parking charge and to engage further with landowners and parking operators to ensure a sufficient deterrent,” said Andrew Pester, chief of the BPA.

He believes that a higher fine would be a more effective way to improve adherence to parking regulations.

According to new data, parking companies issue over 22,000 tickets to drivers every day.

During the first six months of this financial year, one parking ticket was issued every 15 minutes.

The AA’s president, Edmund King, commented on the proposed changes, calling any price increases “crazy.”

“How can someone who parks with a wheel over the line or overstays by ten minutes be fined a day’s wage or even more?” he asked.

“To suggest that current enforcement charges outside of London aren’t high enough to be a deterrent is insane.

“No one wants to pay a fine at any cost.”

The government has previously stated that it will crack down on “cowboy” businesses and that a new code of practice for the private parking industry will be implemented.

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It will have a single appeals service as well as a system of charges and penalties that are more in line with those currently in place.

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