Drivers call speed limiters a “disgrace” due to “EU rules” and concerns about road accidents.


Over ‘EU rules’ and fears of road accidents, drivers call speed limiters a “disgrace.”

As the deadline for their implementation approaches, EU SPEED LIMITERS have been panned by Express readers due to widespread concerns about road safety.

The European Union mandated speed limiters in 2019 and the UK is expected to implement them in July.

Since Brexit, the UK has adopted the majority of EU driving laws, which were transferred for ease of manufacturing in the UK and on the continent.

Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) is a new technology that warns drivers when they are approaching the speed limit.

Since they were passed, many drivers have reacted angrily, citing issues with the technology when driving at high speeds.

“I’ve already had it fitted to my car which you have to turn it on,” said DC4, a reader of This website.

I tried it once and it was clearly not up to the task.

“The vehicle is equipped with GPS, cameras, and an internet connection.

I used it on one stretch of road, and the car speed dial indicated that the road was traveling at 30 mph (based on the GPS), when it was actually traveling at 60 mph.

“Because the road is dual carriage, the navigation system linked to the internet shows the speed as 70, so even using the cameras and GPS, you could possibly get a difference in speeds.”

“If not enough satellites are picked up, the car may be rerouted.”

The camera may miss or misinterpret the sign.

“It also detects speed warnings on lorry backs.”

It could just be an inconvenient alarm for the time being.

“Once it’s upgraded to cutting power, if you’re not quick enough or the driver in front of you isn’t paying attention, they could crash into the back of you.”

“I know some will say it’s his fault, but knowing you’re right won’t help you if you end up dead.”

When speed limiters were first proposed, they included a system that would cut engine power once the legal limit was reached.

After many industry experts warned about the dangers of cutting the vehicle’s power at high speeds, these plans were shelved.

Instead, before exceeding the speed limit, the car will emit an audible warning.

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