Drivers are being warned that a change to the Highway Code could result in fines of up to £200 for nearly two million people.


Drivers are being warned that a change in the Highway Code could result in nearly two million motorists being fined £200.

UPCOMING CHANGES TO THE HIGHWAY CODE could result in fines for nearly 1.8 million drivers who do not change a basic driving habit.

On January 29, 2022, changes to the Highway Code will take effect, bringing with them some of the most significant changes in decades.

The tightening of mobile phone laws is one of the most significant changes, with drivers risking a £200 fixed penalty notice and six points on their license.

Except in an emergency, it is already illegal to text or call while driving with a hand-held phone.

Drivers will no longer be permitted to take photos or videos, scroll through playlists, or play games as a result of the new changes.

Drivers can still use a “hands-free” device like a sat-nav while driving, but they must do so safely.

This comes as new research shows that 1.79 million motorists use their cellphones while driving on the highway.

New roadside cameras that monitor cell phone use while driving are currently being tested on highways.

During the trial, one camera captured 15,000 drivers using their cellphones while driving, which was shocking.

The cameras can be mounted on overhead gantries or portable trailers and can capture clear images at speeds up to 185 mph and in any weather condition.

All drivers and rule-breakers will be photographed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

Before any further action is taken, the photos will be examined by a human.

According to previous GoCompare data, harsher penalties resulted in fewer convictions in the past, though it’s possible that drivers have become more adept at avoiding detection.

Drivers should be aware of the fines and how they can be caught out, according to Ryan Fulthorpe, a car insurance expert at GoCompare.

“With the trial revealing the shocking number of people breaking traffic laws while driving, it is clear that more needs to be done to enforce these safety measures in order to keep the roads as safe as possible for all road users,” he said.

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“We hope that the ability to effectively punish those who break the rules will improve if the number of drivers caught using their phones continues to reflect the data suggested by the trial.”

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