Drivers are being threatened with a £1,000 punishment if they display giant England flags on their vehicles.


Drivers are being threatened with a £1,000 punishment if they display giant England flags on their vehicles.

ANGRY motorists have screamed that “the country has gone insane” when it was revealed that flying a huge flag from your car may result in a £1,000 punishment.

With the commencement of Euro 2020 tonight, England fans are decking their houses, gardens, and automobiles with the classic Three Lions colors and memorabilia. Many people have chosen to attach little flags to their car windows, but they have been warned that anything larger could get them in problems with the authorities.

According to Wales Online, such items could obstruct the driver’s vision.

If they do, they risk violating Regulation 30 of the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986, which requires motorists to have a clear view of the road and vehicles ahead of them.

It applies to all flags for whatever cause, including symbols placed on cars during protests in support of the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Despite this, motorists have expressed their displeasure with the regulation.

“My gosh this country has gone insane now a fine for flying a flag for your own country, truly shocking,” one woman posted on Facebook.

“I’ll do what I want – I’m English and proud,” another social media user wrote.

“We’d undoubtedly be accused of racism,” a third said.

The law was brought up today by Select Car Leasing, a renowned car company, before of the tournament.

“With the Euros about to begin this week, excitement is building,” said Graham Conway, the firm’s general manager.

“This is especially true given that football fans have had to wait a year since the competition was postponed due to the Covid crisis.

“Most people won’t have any trouble showing their support with a flag, scarf, or mascot.

“However, you must ensure that nothing you attach to your car impairs the driver’s view.

“Not only does it run the risk of causing an accident, but it also has the potential to cost you money.

“If you’re going to fly a flag or attach a mascot to your vehicle, make sure it won’t endanger you or others.”

This summer, Europe’s greatest players compete for one of the sport’s most prestigious awards.

On Sunday afternoon, England will play Croatia in their first match.

In the meanwhile, Wales will play Switzerland on Saturday, while Scotland will play Czech Republic on Monday afternoon.


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