Drivers are being cautioned about automobile cloning and DVLA email scams, and how to avoid them.


Drivers are being cautioned about automobile cloning and DVLA email scams, and how to avoid them.

According to experts, scammers are targeting drivers as more people go on vacation this summer, with an upsurge in car cloning and DVLA frauds.

Scammers are promising potential consumers that if they pay in advance using a gift card or a prepaid debit card, they will earn large savings. The thieves prey on vacationers searching for a good price on rental cars, especially those traveling internationally, but this isn’t the only automobile scam going around right now.

Drivers should be careful of both automobile cloning and DVLA frauds, according to

When criminals steal the identity of a lawfully registered vehicle, this is known as car cloning.

This is then utilized to conceal the identify of a similar-looking stolen or salvaged vehicle.

Typically, the cloned vehicle is either illegally sold or used to commit additional motoring offenses, such as speeding or more violent crimes like ram-raids.

Offenses are subsequently imputed wrongly to the owner of the copied vehicle.

Unfortunately, there is no method to prevent your vehicle from being cloned entirely.

The owner of the real vehicle usually discovers that it has been cloned when they receive a notice accusing them of committing a traffic violation on the other side of the country.

“When buying a used car, make sure you ask the seller for the information of the car before you meet, including the registration number, make and model of the car, which you should then run via the DVLA’s online vehicle enquiry service,” advises Alex Kindred, auto insurance expert at

“When scrutinizing the car, make sure that all of the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) on the vehicle match those in the V5C logbook, as this could indicate that the car has fake documentation.

“Also, keep an eye on the logbook for an address.

“Always check a vehicle’s history and VIN against the RAC’s Vehicle History Check records.

“While RAC Vehicle History Check won’t tell you whether the car is a clone outright, it will tell you whether it has been trashed or stolen, as well as any irregularities on the seller’s part.”

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