Drivers and cars that use sustainable fuels may be exempt from the ban on gasoline and diesel.


Drivers and cars that use sustainable fuels may be exempt from the ban on gasoline and diesel.

Some vehicles and drivers should be spared from the proposed 2030 petrol and diesel car ban if they use sustainable fuels, according to campaigners.

Vehicles that use “sustainable fuels” should be exempt, according to campaigners, because they contribute to “reduce pollution.” Because sustainable fuels will rely on “existing pumps and infrastructure,” this is the case.

They are expected to do “much less environmental damage” than other cars, according to campaigners.

They may also do less damage than adding electric car chargers, according to the poll’s creator.

Gary Smith started the internet petition last month.

“The government should exempt new cars, vans, motorcycles, and lorries that utilize sustainable energy from the 2030 moratorium on new automobile sales,” he stated.

“Vehicles that utilize sustainable fuels should be exempt from the prohibition in order to assist cut pollution and overall emissions more quickly.

“Sustainable fuels may use current petrol/diesel pumps and infrastructure.

“They can do a lot less damage to the environment than adding a lot more EV chargers.

“For many people, switching to automobiles that run on renewable fuels may be more feasible and affordable.”

The petition will remain active for six months, with a deadline of December 21.

Only 413 signatures have been collected so far, with 10,000 required for a government response.

If 100,000 signatures are collected, the rule change might be debated in the House of Commons.

Instead of typical petrol or diesel, sustainable fuels are generated from renewable elements.

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Corn and sugarcane are two biofuels that are commonly utilized in cars.

One of the most notable instances of sustainable fuel-run automobiles belongs to Prince Charles.

His Aston Martin DB6 MkII was adapted to run on wine in 1970.

Prince William and Kate Middleton used the car on their wedding day, and it has been a part of their collection for years.

Malcolm McKay, a representative for the Historic Vintage and Vehicle Association, added that e-fuels would be great for classic automobile owners concerned about electrification.

“E-fuels, when combined with green generation, have the potential to be carbon-neutral, and are the most practical solution for aircraft, ships, and long-haul trucks,” he said.

“They provide a feasible alternative for developing countries with aging car fleets and insufficient electricity infrastructure.

“They also give vintage automobiles a chance to live.”


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