Drive-thru takeaways must print car registrations on their packaging, according to campaigners.


Drive-thru takeaways must print car registrations on their packaging, according to campaigners.

CAMPAIGNERS have urged that drive-thru eateries such as McDonald’s and KFC change the way they collect driver information.

According to a new petition, all restaurants should be obliged to print customers’ license plate registration information on all takeout packaging. Motorists will be responsible for their own trash, according to campaigners, which will “cut down on the amount of litter.”

They claim that the new law will “improve areas” and prevent litter from blighting highways across the country.

Elizabeth Wright, the petition’s creator, also expressed concern that the new rule may save taxpayers money on garbage removal.

The poll has gotten over 59,300 signatures so far, and it is rapidly approaching the 100,000 signatures required for it to be debated in parliament.

The petition’s deadline is scheduled for September 30, 2021, giving motorists only two months to force a discussion.

Since the petition reached 10,000 signatures, the government has already responded.

They rejected calls for a number plate system, claiming that it would not be “cost-effective.”

They did say, though, that “further action” was needed to ensure fast food corporations addressed litter issues.

Despite this, the government states that rather than introducing new regulations, it will heavily support “volunteer initiatives” to minimize littering.

“We feel that businesses should aim to limit the amount of garbage their products generate,” it said in response to the poll.

“The Litter Strategy outlines how we want to collaborate with key industries to address certain types of litter, such as fast-food packaging.

“We do not believe that requiring take-out food merchants to use a vehicle registration number printing and tracing system for packaging would be cost-effective.

“This is due to the increased strain it would impose on these enterprises and enforcement personnel.

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“Concerns about data security have also been expressed.

“However, we highly promote voluntary litter-reduction initiatives.”

The government also stated that local governments have the authority to deal with “persistent, unreasonable behavior” that has a negative impact on the community.

Community Protection Orders can also be used to compel fast-food franchisees to take litter-control measures.

Street litter notices may be effective in some areas. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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