Do you recall Clippy? Microsoft’s most reviled Windows feature is making a triumphant return.


Do you recall Clippy? Microsoft’s most reviled Windows feature is making a triumphant return.

No, no, no! After Microsoft claimed we’d never see Clippy again, it’s making a comeback.

“Would you like some assistance with that?” You’re not alone if that sentence, coupled with a cartoon paper clip with googly eyes and gravity-defying brows, makes you cringe. Clippy, Microsoft’s “virtual assistant,” was generally despised from the moment he appeared on our screens. Users hurried to complain about the patronizing, obnoxious pop-up delivering so-called helpful recommendations on how to use apps and features shortly after he made his debut on the Windows 97 edition of Microsoft Office.

By the time Microsoft XP was introduced in 2001, the corporation had eliminated Clippy due to public outrage. We thought we’d seen the last of him – and so did Microsoft, which told tech site The Verge two years ago that they had no plans to bring the oddball clip back.

However, Microsoft has announced Clippy’s return with the release of an official Clippy-themed background for Teams calls, in a stunning turnaround.

Users can choose from four vintage wallpapers to use as their Teams background. Clippy has been given a slick 3D makeover in the new image, and he sits mischievously on top of a waterfall of note paper, maybe to remind us of the mayhem he formerly created.

Because “a little journey down memory lane can be good for the soul,” Microsoft’s designers produced a series of retro backgrounds to bring some zest to remote working and video conferences.

The remaining three photographs are also throwbacks in the same vein. The iconic time-killing card game Solitaire, which has been one of the most popular video games since its inception in 1990, has been recreated in 3D. A brush escapes to smear paint on the virtual walls as an homage to the old-school artistic tool Microsoft Paint.

The replica of the Windows XP default wallpaper, which depicts softly rolling hills and a beautiful blue sky, may be the best. A dusting of small dandelions has been added to the new version, which is ideal for calming tensions during stressful meetings.

“Whether you love or hate Clippy, it’s impossible not to smile—just admit it—when you see it crop up in a meme somewhere,” Microsoft said when announcing the new designs last week.

“We like to think Clippy, the original virtual assistant, was a little ahead of his time.” Brinkwire Summary News”.


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