Do you have an Android phone? Unless you upgrade RIGHT NOW, you may be unable to make calls.


Do you have an Android phone? Unless you upgrade RIGHT NOW, you may be unable to make calls.

Because of a new problem triggered by Google, ANDROID users have been unable to answer or make calls.

Having trouble making or receiving phone calls? You’re not the only one who feels this way. Due to a glitch in the Google app, some Android smartphone models are unable to make or receive phone calls, according to Google. Thankfully, the Californian firm has released a new update to remedy the issue, but you’ll need to download it from the Play Store as soon as possible.

“After the newest update to the Google Search App on Android, the users of certain mobile phones are experiencing trouble in receiving and making calls,” a Google community manager said on the forums.

You’ll need to manually install the update if you haven’t been connected to a reliable Wi-Fi signal in the last few days or if you haven’t had automatic updates enabled on your smartphone. Go to the Google Play Store on the afflicted device to do so. Then, in the apps tab, look for “Google.” When you open the app’s store page, there should be an Update button at the top.

“The Google app keeps you in the know about the things that matter to you,” Google says of its self-titled app. Find quick answers, explore your passions, and stay up to date on the things that important to you. The Google app grows better the more you use it.”

Several Android users have reported that upgrading the Google app on their device restored their ability to make calls. However, some users believe that the only method to restore the app’s fundamental functionality is to delete it.

Smartphones can do a wide range of tasks, including turn-by-turn navigation, gaming, and video recording and editing. Calls, on the other hand, are still quite vital. In an emergency, the capacity to make and receive calls from (nearly) anyplace takes precedence over all other phone capabilities and techniques.

It’s a big deal that Google mistakenly deactivated this important feature with an app update.

One enraged Android user wrote in, “You need a lot more vigilance on QA [Quality Assurance] for your upgrades so that the patch/update doesn’t disable my phone’s ability to make and receive calls.” “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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