Disabled drivers will be exempt from new car tax changes in 2022.


Disabled motorists will be exempt from the new car tax changes that will take effect in 2022.

Because of a national exemption, disabled drivers will not be required to pay the new car tax changes in 2022.

Two new Clean Air Zone charges will be introduced in Bradford and Greater Manchester this spring as a result of new driving rules.

The fees will apply to those driving light goods vehicles like vans or private hire vehicles.

However, drivers with a “disabled tax class vehicle” are “automatically entitled to a national exemption” in all Clean Air Zones, according to GOVUK.

Bradford City Council has also confirmed that one of the proposed exemption categories is a “Disabled Tax Class Vehicle.”

Motorists who are nationally exempt, according to the council, can “drive freely” in any charging zone across the country.

“You may be eligible for a national or local exemption if your vehicle does not meet required emission standards,” they added.

“On the GOVUK website, you can see if your vehicle is nationally exempt.

“If your vehicle qualifies for a national exemption, you are free to drive in any clean air zone in England.”

Those with a “disabled tax class” will be “nationally exempt” from paying the fee, according to Cleaner Air Greater Manchester.

Manchester may provide an alternative for those who are just missing out on a national exemption.

They’ve confirmed that if their vehicle has been modified, they will be able to apply for a “permanent local exemption.”

This must be a “substantial and performance adaptation tailored specifically to the needs of a disabled wheelchair user.”

A vehicle may be exempted if the disabled person “must travel in or drive it.”

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According to GOVUK, drivers who receive one of the following benefits may apply for a national exemption from paying car tax.

Mobility Supplement for War Pensioners

Vehicles must always be registered in the name of the disabled person or nominated person, according to GOVUK.

The vehicle is only to be used for the disabled person’s personal needs, according to the warning.

Meanwhile, motorists should be aware that they can only have one vehicle tax exemption at a time.


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