Disabled drivers may benefit from the Blue Badge scheme’s “basic differences.”


Disabled drivers may benefit from the Blue Badge scheme’s “basic differences.”

After a government assessment, drivers with non-visible disability may benefit from new modifications to how they apply for Blue Badges.

The Department of Transportation announced that it has “accepted all recommendations” made during an assessment of the scheme that began last year. The most significant changes concern the eligibility standards that determine who is eligible for a Blue Badge, with more assistance being provided to those with a non-visible handicap.

Valtech, the Blue Badge Digital Service’s providers, commissioned the study, which discovered certain common challenges faced by local governments and drivers.

People with non-visible disability, in particular, struggled to present the necessary documentation to support their applications.

The DfT will now provide greater guidance on the medical proof required for a successful application as a result of the new adjustments.

Medical specialists will also be given assistance, with the goal of encouraging them to deliver high-quality evidence that is relevant to the application as soon as feasible.

The Department for Transport said it would examine allowing Blue Badge applicants to submit video evidence as part of their application to help give some more context.

Other changes include a promise to standardize Blue Badge assessments and simplify the wording and flow of the application to assist applicants.

The recommendations are “quite little things, but when combined together, they will make quite a fundamental change to the slickness of the process of applying for a blue badge,” according to Accessibility Minister Chris Heaton-Harris.

He stated that the system should be updated to ensure that it is “more uniform between local governments.”

This, he explained, was necessary “so people can grasp what they’re doing wherever they’re doing it across the country.”

“It’s actually one of those things that comes up a lot,” Mr Heaton-Harris remarked.

“Whether or not an MP can assist a constituency with the blue badge application procedure.

“Hopefully, this will make things a little bit easier.”

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The revision comes after the government broadened the eligibility criteria in 2019 to include people with “invisible disability.”

The response to the modifications was mainly favorable, with the study finding that additional applications were received from drivers who had not previously applied.

It is anticipated that 39% of new applications were from people who did not previously qualify for the program. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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