Disability rights organizations support EV car charging accessibility requirements, calling them “very significant.”


Disability rights organizations support EV car charging accessibility requirements, calling them “very significant.”

The government’s move to set accessibility standards for electric vehicle charging sites has been applauded by a leading charity for disabled drivers.

Disabled Motoring UK (DMUK) is one of the groups involved in developing guidelines to help drivers determine whether EV chargers are appropriate for their needs. The British Standards Institution was commissioned by the Department of Transport and another disability organisation, Motability, to draft the guidance.

Electric car charging sites will be classified as “totally accessible,” “partially accessible,” or “not accessible” under this framework.

The DMUK’s Chief Executive, Graham Footer, remarked on the impending reforms, saying he expects the government would represent DMUK and its members’ interests.

“I believe it is critical that the government sets EV accessibility requirements, and the sooner this work is finished, the better,” he told This website.

“It is critical that a set of accessible EV standards be developed so that the EV infrastructure business can work to a set of standards.

“I believe it is critical to develop a set of EV accessibility standards rather than shoehorning them into something that already exists.”

“The standards need to encompass all areas of EV infrastructure, including what an accessible chargepoint looks like, the dimensions of EV charging bays, signs, payment methods, locations, and information services in case of an emergency,” Graham Footer stated.

By summer 2022, the government hopes to provide industry recommendations on how to make individual charging points more accessible.

To ensure that everyone can utilize the UK’s network of electric charging outlets, uniform standards are required.

Minister for Transport Rachel Maclean praised the government’s work toward a net-zero future.

“We’re taking steps to provide accessible guidance to both operators and drivers so that the shift to zero-emission driving benefits everyone in society as we rebuild,” she said.

“I want to make it as simple as possible for EV drivers, regardless of their mobility, to charge their vehicles at public charging stations around the UK.”

Industry stakeholders such as EV chargepoint operators, disability charities, and innovators will be consulted by the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), Motability, and BSI.

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