Developer Cyberpunk 2077 debunks common reports of a comeback game in the theme of No Man’s Sky


Someone claiming to have strong ties to the production of Cyberpunk 2077 released a long post on GameFAQs a few weeks ago. The author allegedly wanted to share his knowledge of the game’s current situation and the plans for the future of CD Projekt Red.

The post ended up on Reddit recently, where it received a lot of coverage.

We chose not to cover this story here, but that didn’t stop it from being picked up by a variety of other gaming news outlets.

It did not take long for the rumor to make the rounds on YouTube and other mainstream outlets, as you might imagine.

The rumor itself claims that, in the summer of 2021, CD Projekt Red aims to recreate Cyberpunk 2077 with a “No Man’s Sky-like comeback” It goes into depth about how bad project management resulted in a product being rushed to market, and how during production whole parts of the game were scrapped or drastically reduced. It’s the kind of thing that, at first sight, seems believable. But someone could write anything like this at the end of the day.

Anyway, this rumor is a bunch of nonsense, according to the official Cyberpunk 2077 Twitter account. He writes, ‘We don’t generally comment on rumors, but we decided to make an exception this time because this report just isn’t real.’ That’s about it.

Of course, in the original posting, there may still be a shred of fact – there is really no doubt at this stage that Cyberpunk 2077 has been going through a very troubled development period – but this is the kind of rumor that takes full advantage of the relative silence of the developer. CD Projekt Red will likely be able to reveal its official Cyberpunk 2077 plans sooner rather than later.


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