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Destiny 2’s New Moments Of Triumph Offer A Ship, Sparrow, And Seal As Rewards

Shadowkeep, the next phase of Destiny 2’s evolution, is coming in September, marking the start of the game’s third year of content. As the end of the year fast approaches, players have a new batch of Moments of Triumph to commemorate the occasion. Developer Bungie often closes a year with Moments of Triumph, but this time, completing the set comes with a series of in-game rewards.

You can find the list of Moments of Triumph by navigating to the Triumphs section of the director and looking for a newly added Seal. There, you’ll find the complete list of all Moments, one of which reveals that Bad Juju, the Exotic pulse rifle, is now in the game. There’s quite a lot going on, so check out our roundup of what’s new in Destiny 2 or see all of our coverage through the links below.


Bungie detailed the next Moments of Triumph release on its blog, where it revealed a list of Triumphs players will get a chance to complete during the event. “Players will be challenged to complete triumphs that span content throughout the solar system, from the Dreaming City to the EDZ,” Bungie wrote in the post. “This year will be fairly straight forward: Complete in-game triumphs, unlock rewards.”

Those rewards range from in-game stuff to the opportunity to buy exclusive stuff in the real world:

The seal requires 24 Moments to complete, but as of this writing, there are only 22 available. That suggests that Bungie’s next timed event, the Solstice of Heroes, might include the last two you’ll need to finish it. Slated to start on July 30, the event includes a handful of Triumphs of its own, and will also offer new loot for players to earn. Moments of Triumph runs through August 27, ending just before the September launch of Shadowkeep.

What we don’t know right now are what the Moments of Triumph will entail or how tough they’ll be to unlock. Bungie included a list of Triumphs in the blog post, but not their requirements–but many sound like Triumphs that were part of Annual Pass content releases from throughout the year. That might mean that some players will get a jump on clearing out their list of Triumphs, at least until the Solstice of Heroes starts up.

In addition to the new Moments of Triumph this week, there’s also a new Exotic weapon for players to earn: Lumina, a hand cannon that heals teammates as it kills enemies. Check out our full Lumina guide for more details on how to unlock it.

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