Destiny 2 weekly reset and daily reset time – what happens with each daily reset and weekly reset?

There are two types of reset in Destiny 2 – the weekly reset and ‘daily’. The main one is the weekly reset, which occurs every Tuesday at the following times:

This impacts the following activities:

As discussed in our Destiny 2 Power level explainer, you can only redeem rewards once per week, so make sure you complete them before the reset. If you complete them but don’t redeem, then they will auto decrypt the next time you log in after the reset – nothing lost!

As well as a weekly reset for certain activities, there will be a ‘daily’ reset time, which is as follows:

Forsaken sees a new ‘daily’ reset system, which Bungie describes as a “a unique challenge each day, but they reset every four days”.

It’s described in a surprisingly complicated way, but what we believe it means is as follows:

Each day, a different activity will reset. That activity’s challenge will be active for four days, after which it will reset and change. So if a Strike challenge starts on a Tuesday, it will reset four days later – on Saturday. You have those four days to complete it, and once it’s complete, you have to wait until the reset – in this case Saturday – for another Strike challenge to appear.

Where’s the ‘daily’ thing coming in, you might ask? The reset day of each activity is staggered one day apart. So if Strikes reset on a Tuesday, then the next activity (let’s say Gambit) then resets on a Wednesday, which resets four days later on Sunday. Then on Thursday, a different challenge will reset – let’s say, Crucible – and on Friday a different activity, and so on.

Essentially, every day at the Daily reset time, there will be a different activity that will reset. It gives you a reason to log in each day, as there’s a new challenge to complete, but the good news is, you can wait a couple of days and complete multiple challenges before they reset.

The question we have is if there’s enough activities to reset for each day of the week – with Strikes and Gambit only confirmed so far, there might be gaps between them. But in theory, it could be a very good thing for regular players – if a slightly confusing way of doing it.

We’ll know for more when the dust settles in the coming days.

Destiny 2 Year 2 is here! Our Destiny 2 Forsaken walkthrough and guide explains the flow of missions and what’s new, including Wanted Bounties and new Exotics such as the Ace of Spades.

We also have details on how to activate the Cryo-Pod Heroic event, complete the Broken Awoken Talisman quest and find the Mindbender hidden chest location.

There’s also been changes to the Destiny 2 weekly reset and the Destiny 2 soft level cap, while the material economy has changed a little too – Masterwork Cores now play a larger part, as well as Microphasic Datalattice, Dusklight Shard, Aklane Dust and Phaseglass Needle in Infusion.

Finally – don’t forget to check out where Xur is this week before he disappears.

As well as the above, there are things which also always change every day:

Essentially, each day there is a new set of Challenges in set activities. In the first Destiny, vendors would rotate their wares on a daily or weekly basis – but that no longer appears to be the case in the sequel.


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