Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost 2018 start date, quests and everything else we know about this year’s Halloween event

Destiny’s Festival of the Lost returns for the first time in Destiny 2, bringing a taste of Halloween to the Tower and beyond.

Details are few and far between right now, though we have a Festival of the Lost start date, end date and some teases of what it’ll feature – from Masks to a murder mystery questline.

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As with other Destiny seasonal events, while the rewards and consumables available are exclusive to the event and Quests requiring their use to complete, it (should!) all be cosmetic in nature, ensuring that anything purchased with Silver (bought with real-world funds) will not give paying players a real world advantage.

There should be plenty of non-paying players to dig into too.

The Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost start date is Tuesday, October 16th at the usual weekly reset time:

The Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost end date is Tuesday, November 6th.

Meanwhile, one component – a questline involving solving the murder of Master Ives – will begin towards the end of the event on Tuesday October 30th.

Bungie says this year’s Festival of the Lost is “a celebration of lost heroes and a new challenge to tackle. It includes a costume party, and you’re all invited. It ends with a quest to solve a murder.”

Amanda Holliday is the primary Festival of the Lost vendor – taking over from Eva Levante, who has been absent in Destiny 2. Here’s what it involves.

New questline: There is a quest that has players solve the mystery behind Master Ives’ murder (the Reef Cryptarch), rewarding players with a “powerful reward” (we assume, a Powerful Engram) each week. This specific event won’t begin until Tuesday, October 30th.

There are also new daily Bounties (rewarding Fragmented Souls, used to purchase certain Festival of the Lost rewards) and Triumphs.

Haunted Forest: A new activity set in the Infinite Forest, which will have players explore for 15 minutes to clear out enemies. The deeper you go, the more difficult it is, according to Bungie. It’s a matchmade event – so even if you are playing solo, there are others you can join.

Tower makeover: As usual with these events, expect the Tower to have a different look. The decorations are going to be pretty Engram-heavy.

There are several types of new Festival of the Lost reward.

Festival of the Lost Masks

These are purchased with Fragmented Souls, earned from completing Daily Bounties. Though we’ve yet to see these in action, in previous years Masks are based on famous Destiny characters and bosses, and we can probably expect the same here. As well as for decoration, there were Bounties for wearing them while completing specific activities.

Horror Story Auto Rifle

This a Legendary Auto Rifle, seemingly exclusive to the event, which is also purchased with Fragmented Souls.

Ephemeral Engrams and new Tess Everis store items

Ephemeral Engrams are rewarded every time you level up in addition to the ordinary Steadfast Engram. Some of the items they drop – as well as the Ephemeral Engrams – can also be purchased direct from Tess Everis, and include cosmetics and emotes.

Here’s a taste of what’s on offer. (That black cat Ghost!)

We’ll know more of the above closer to when Festival of the Lost launches.

Destiny 2 Year 2 is here! Our Destiny 2 Forsaken walkthrough explains the flow of missions and what’s new, including Wanted Bounties and new Exotics such as the Ace of Spades, the Chaperone and Malfeasance.

We also have details on how to activate the latest Ascendant Challenge, complete Blind Well and Oracle Engine Offering activities, the Broken Awoken Talisman quest and find the Mindbender hidden chest location plus Aphelion’s Rest, Chamber of Starlight and Bay of Drowned Wishes. And, of course, tackle the Last Wish raid – after you’ve done plenty of Destiny 2 levelling of course.

We also have a Festival of the Lost start date for the end of the month.

Destiny Festival of the Lost last appeared in the original Destiny in 2016, running until Tuesday, November 8. It had three components.

One was filling up bags of sweets by going killing enemies after visiting Eva Levante in the Tower, giving you an Empty Candy Satchel.

If you fill a bag of sweets, you could trade it for one of three Masks available that day, or for a Gifts of the Lost mystery box (featuring 2015 Festival consumables).

Not only wereMasks used for larks, but were required to complete the festival’s Quests. 2015 had players perform certain activities while wearing a Mask – such as performing Sword kills wearing the Crota Mask, or tripping off the Tower wearing Atheon – and there was something similar for 2016.

Here’s a rundown of Festival of the Lost 2016 Quests:

Finally, there were new emotes and consumables as drops from Trials of Osiris, Crucible Matches and Strike chest rewards, and also from Treasures of the Lost mystery boxes, which are available to purchase from the game’s Eververse vendor Tess Evris for 200 Silver, the game’s currency purchased with real-world cash. Festival of the Lost will also debuted new Ornaments for the Bad Juju Exotic.

There were, of course, some secrets too. One was a broom you can ride as a Sparrow – as seen in our Lost Broom Sparrow location page – while another was a fetch quest involving trading A Tiny Box of Raisins for a Superblack Shader.

Festival of the Lost consumable items

Festival of the Lost Emotes

The Boo, Monster Dance and Zombie Dance emotes have also made a return.

Festival of the Lost Ghosts

These can be found in Treasures of the Lost mystery boxes from Eververse.

Festival of the Lost Shaders

These can be found in Treasures of the Lost mystery boxes from Eververse.

Festival of the Lost Sparrows

Everything else you need to know about Destiny’s Festival of the Lost 2016

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