Despite purchasing a ticket in an ‘unfair’ charge, a Cornwall tourist was issued a £60 parking fine.


Despite purchasing a ticket in an ‘unfair’ charge, a Cornwall tourist was issued a £60 parking fine.

In a major setback, a CORNWALL tourist was hit with a £60 parking fine despite paying a ticket.

After stopping in a car park in the coastal town of St Ives, Paul Adams, a 55-year-old from Stoke-on-Trent, was issued the parking fine.

He came during the October half-term and paid the £8.50 admission fee.

He was later issued a £60 fine for the time he spent looking for a parking spot and for purchasing a ticket.

He had to wait 14 minutes for a parking spot and another ten minutes at the ticket machine.

Other visitors, Mr Adams said, should be aware of the risks they face when planning a vacation.

“We visit St Ives on a regular basis and use the parking lot, and we haven’t had an issue in 30 years,” he said.

“I believe it is important to make it known.”

“Everyone who uses that parking lot should be aware of the risk they are taking.”

“That’s way beyond what you’d consider reasonable.”

“I find it very unfair that they charged us £60 because we were waiting for a space when we had already paid for a day’s parking,” he added.

Armtrac Security Services Ltd, the parking company in charge, served Mr Adams with the notice.

He attempted to appeal the fine, but the firm denied him, claiming that the notice was “properly issued.”

For the 24 minutes he was in the parking lot, they claimed the vehicle had “no valid cashless season or valid ticket.”

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“Our records show that the notice was properly issued because your vehicle was parking in violation of the terms and conditions of parking,” they explained.

“In exchange for permission to park on the site, all motorists have a responsibility to follow the clearly displayed terms and conditions of parking.”

“Armtrac Security Services owes it to the landowner to ensure that the clearly posted parking terms and conditions are followed.”

Mr Adams stated that he paid the £60 fine in order to avoid “over-zealous recovery.”

Private parking fines, on the other hand, can be appealed by drivers who believe they have been wrongfully charged.

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