‘Cyclists must be held accountable,’ says an outraged cyclist in response to proposals for cyclists to pay a “kind of tax.”


‘Cyclists must be held accountable,’ says an outraged cyclist in response to proposals for cyclists to pay a “kind of tax.”

DRIVERS have reacted angrily to suggestions for bicycles to pay a fee, with many expressing displeasure with the Highway Code amendments.

The proposed modifications to the Highway Code are based on a “hierarchy of road users,” according to the Department of Transportation. Pedestrians waiting to cross the street would be given priority under the new regulation, which would require vehicles to come to a complete stop to allow them to cross.

These adjustments are intended to encourage walking and cycling by making it safer for them on the road.

Many people on social media slammed the revisions, with some even suggesting that bicycles pay “a kind of road fee.”

In 1937, road tax was repealed and replaced with vehicle excise duty, a charge payable on all vehicles traveling on UK public roads.

Everyone who pays taxes contributes to road maintenance, but some argue that bicycles should pay a separate fee.

Many commenters vehemently disputed the matter in response to proposals for cyclists to be taxed for using the roads.

One “Cyclists MUST be held accountable for their road use and abuse,” wrote one online commentator.

“At the moment, many people appear to act as though the rules don’t apply to them.”

“Cyclists [are]worse because they assume the law doesn’t apply to them, so they run traffic lights, hop on and off pavements, and go the wrong way up one-way streets,” another user said.

“Cycling at night with no lights and wearing dark clothing is the worst of all.

“It’s odd that so many pedestrians are killed on pathways, but it all depends on the pedestrian’s behavior.

“Banning bikers is a simple answer to most road tragedies; no one will die on the roads.”

“All cyclists should be required to take the riding competency test as well as a theory test based on the highway code,” another user stated.

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“Cyclists break the highway code all the time, especially when it comes to red traffic lights, zebra crossings, and junction lane rules.

“When was the last time you saw a bike provide a signal before turning?”

Some Twitter users were more sympathetic to bicycles, stating they would gladly pay a levy if cars were also charged correspondingly.

“I’ve always said I’m.” Brinkwire Summary News read one tweet.


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