Cyberpunk 2077: Sneaking will be much better thanks to a mod


Is the gameplay of Cyberpunk 2077 too easy for you and do you want to sneak around like Sam Fisher? Two mods promise exactly that. We have tested them for you.

After the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the modding community supports the further development of the role-playing game. Besides visual improvements, some modders also change the gameplay mechanics.

One of them is Manckia: On Nexusmods, he has published seven mods for Cyberpunk. We took a closer look at two of them and tested them. The mods “Harder Gameplay” and “Sneak” promise to make the game harder and more realistic. We have tested how well both of them work for you.

Main mission “Gimme Danger” as a starting point
Together with Takemura we break into the Arasaka industrial park during the main mission. Hooligans directly take the front entrance and shoot their way out. However, it is possible to climb over the fence in the best Sam Fisher manner like in Splinter Cell, take cover behind walls and eliminate enemies silently.

Without mods, this can be a challenge, but with a bit of practice, you’ll quickly find easy ways to outsmart the AI. Because sneaking in Cyberpunk follows a simple pattern: If V is seen by an enemy, you simply take flight, hide briefly and the situation relaxes. The mod Sneak changes these mechanics, because the enemies:

-will not discover you so quickly
-recognize you more easily when you have attracted their attention
-see you now also through transparent surfaces and glass
-have a harder time seeing you when you are sneaking
-cameras and drones continue to behave as before

The aim of the mod is to bring sneaking into the right balance. In particular, the attention span of enemies is now no longer like a goldfish, but a predator on the hunt. In our tests, this often worked well. The enemies discover us later, but remain more alert afterwards.

If you like to suffer, use the “Harder Gameplay” mod: If Cyberpunk is still too easy for you, even on the highest difficulty level, Harder Gameplay will present you with a real challenge. The mod changes the weapon behavior and skill bonuses. You’ll have less stamina, lower melee damage, and lower chances of critical hits. And to top it off, critical damage has been reduced as well. Harder Gameplay also changes the legendary weapons in Cyberpunk.

If you are looking for these unique weapons, use our guide and install the mod afterwards:

Modder Mancika points out several times to save your savegames and create a backup. Otherwise you might lose your savegames.



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