Cyberpunk 2077: Patch 1.05 brings performance boost to Xbox One and Playstation 4


The developers at CD Projekt are still working hard on updates for Cyberpunk 2077. The latest patch, 1.05, is intended to improve performance, especially on the older consoles Xbox One (X) and PlayStation 4 (Pro).

CD Projekt Red recently made a new patch available for the currently heavily beleaguered Cyberpunk 2077. Hotfix 1.05 varies in size on all platforms and fixes various issues, such as bugs and technical difficulties. On consoles, the patch is around 20 GB in weight and is supposed to provide improved performance.

Better performance on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

While Cyberpunk 2077 usually runs quite smoothly on the next-gen consoles Xbox Series and PlayStation 5, the older consoles Xbox One (X) and PlayStation 4 (Pro) in particular suffered from the action role-playing game. In a console comparison at release, the editors of Resero were surprised that Cyberpunk 2077 could even run on these devices.

Hotfix 1.05 is supposed to have given the performance on the older consoles another small boost. An overview of how it now runs on the Xbox can be found here. The Xbox One should now be able to show around 23 fps at points in the game where only 15 fps were possible before. The frame rate of the Xbox One X is said to have improved by about 4 fps throughout the entire gameplay and now reaches the 30 fps mark.

The PlayStation 4 and the Pro version of the console are also said to have seen some improvements with the latest patch. For example, the problem that our protagonist was displayed with too little detail at the beginning of the game has been fixed. The resolution has been improved on the PlayStation 4, but the quality of the lighting has been reduced. The quality of the textures has been adjusted, while the quality of the shadows has been kept low.



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