Customers on Virgin Media’s Voom subscriptions will receive a free speed upgrade.


Customers on Virgin Media’s Voom subscriptions will receive a free speed upgrade.

Customers who subscribe to Virgin’s Voom plans will see their upload speeds doubled for free across the UK, which is great news.

Customers are already seeing significant changes as a result of the newly established Virgin Media O2 company. With Virgin and O2 merging earlier this month, the new telecoms behemoth has promised a significant improvement to its services, and it appears that those who subscribe to Voom plans would be the first to benefit. Virgin Media O2 has confirmed that it will increase all-important upload speeds for free on this broadband, which is intended for small companies.

When you add a phone line to your Virgin Media account, you can get cheaper broadband. This translates to £25 per month for 100Mbps speeds.

When it comes to internet packages, most people focus on download speeds, but for certain users, having a good upload rate is just as important. Some users’ uploads would more than quadruple at no extra cost, according to Virgin.

Upload speeds on the Voom 500 plan will begin at 20Mbps and increase to 50Mbps after the upgrade. The base M100 consumer bundle, on the other hand, only offers 10Mbps upload speeds.

“We’re supercharging business broadband with a fully free upgrade that will help SMEs bounce back from the pandemic,” Jo Bertram, Managing Director, Business & Wholesale at Virgin Media O2, said of the boost.

“Connectivity has been critical to the survival of many small businesses after a difficult year, with the majority uploading and downloading more than ever before. We want to help our nation’s businesses get back on their feet as part of our aim to upgrade the UK, starting with a free digital boost.”

Along with this update, Virgin Media O2 has promised to spend heavily in its integrated infrastructure, and it appears that residential broadband users will be among the first to benefit. Virgin has only given its blisteringly fast 1Gbps speeds to a small number of consumers until recently, but that’s about to change.

Virgin says it will soon bring these ultra-fast speeds to more customers, according to an update released to commemorate the two firms’ merger.

“Virgin Media O2 is already the country’s largest gigabit broadband provider, and by the end of the year, we’ll be able to offer these speeds throughout our whole network.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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