Customers are outraged as O2 reintroduces “ridiculous” EU roaming charges.


Customers are outraged as O2 reintroduces “ridiculous” EU roaming charges.

O2 HAS BEGUN NOTIFYING CUSTOMERS that they would soon be charged more when traveling in the EU, with some calling the decision “stupid” and threatening to abandon the network. Here’s everything you need to know about the alterations.

For years, Britons have enjoyed the convenience of being able to use their phones outside Europe without incurring a costly roaming fee. However, now that the UK is no longer a member of the EU, it appears that some additional levies are resurfacing. O2 has began telling certain customers that if they go over a defined limit of 25GB, they would be charged data roaming fees.

Anyone who uses more than their allotted data will be charged £3.50 per 1GB starting in August. Those who download a few more movies on the beach at the conclusion of their vacation (about 8GB of data) will have £28 added to their monthly bill.

It was thought that EU roaming charges would not be reinstated after Brexit, with all of the main networks stating last year that they had no intentions to do so.

It’s unclear whether other companies will follow suit, but they may want to consider the online criticism before making any judgments.

O2 users are enraged by the company’s move, with one tweeting: “@O2 is it true you’re introducing roaming costs back to the eu???” When we finally travel again, are you truly hurting the people????”

“When I relocated to the UK approximately eleven years ago, I signed up with @O2,” another added. I’m out now that they’ve taken away my liberty to move freely throughout Europe while visiting my relatives. Goodbye, O2. “Many thanks to Brexit.”

Some customers have threatened to switch providers, with one tweeting, “Boycott O2 for imposing roaming charges in the EU.” I’m switching networks as soon as feasible because of this and will never use them again as long as this is the case.”

“@O2,” said another. It’s absurd to bring back roaming fees. I’m not a fan. Perhaps it’s time to switch to a different carrier.”

“We’ve updated our Pay Monthly Roaming Limits when you use your monthly data allowance in our Europe Zone,” O2 explained on its website.

“Beginning August 2nd, when using data in our Europe Zone, you will be subject to a Roaming Limit of.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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