Custom black PS5 consoles will be available for pre-order this week for controllers.


Although we think the PlayStation 5 with its white case looks pretty snazzy, there is a major desire among fans for a black design. By painting the removable bezels, many fans have taken matters into their own hands and personalized their PS5. But what if something more professional is what you want? The alternatives are getting larger and bigger.

© SUP3R5© SUP3R5A black PS5 concept inspired by the PS2 was developed by one company, SUP3R5. A solid black shell, a vibrant PlayStation logo next to the power button, and a small blue badge with the number of the unit are included. A limited edition of only 304 parts will be produced for the PS5. A similarly designed DualSense controller, which is also fully black and features the colored PS and Face buttons, will each come with them.

There will be another 500 of these controllers available separately.

So how can you get hold of one of these controllers with your hands? Ok, pre-orders will be unlocked at 3pm EST on January 8 (12pm PST or 8pm GMT).

The consoles will be manufactured in the US, but they can be shipped worldwide, so they won’t be short for those who live in Europe. It will cost $649 for one of the PS5 consoles, while a $99 standalone DualSense controller will be available.

You can sign up on the website and save some information to make the buying process a little quicker if you’re really interested.

There isn’t an exact date when they’ll be shipping, but there’s a vague late spring 2021 window, which isn’t that far away.

Alternatively, if you already own the console, the store can offer black PS5 panels that you can attach at home, which is obviously a cheaper and simpler choice.

What do you think about these exclusive PS5 consoles and controllers in black? Are you going to try to snag one this week? In the comments below, get the refresh button ready.


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