Coventry has beaten London to become the best-equipped city in the UK for electric vehicles.


Coventry has beaten London to become the best-equipped city in the UK for electric vehicles.

According to a new study, COVENTRY is the best equipped city in the UK for electric vehicles.

According to the latest Carwow data, Coventry has the most public electric car charging outlets per inhabitant of any UK city. There is one public EV charger for every 890 residents in the Midlands city, for a total of 486 charging outlets.

With 275 chargers installed, Milton Keynes came in second, with one for every 1,027 people in the city.

With 1,630 persons per charger and 5,783 electric chargers, London came in third.

With 5,783 electric charging points, London, unsurprisingly, has the most of any city in the UK.

According to Sepi Arani, Director of OEM at Carwow, the number of electric charging sites in the UK will continue to rise rapidly.

“Public charging facilities are springing up around the country by the day, but it’s natural that Coventry, a city with a long history in the automotive industry, is leading the race for the most public chargers per capita,” he said.

“It’s important to remember that most EV owners will charge their vehicles at home, so public chargers are only half of the picture.

“Big government initiatives to promote equitable access to chargers across the UK are fantastic and necessary, particularly in densely populated places like London, where people may not have the space for home chargers.

“Having said that, individuals have never been concerned about not having their own gasoline or diesel pump outside their home.

“There are nearly as many public charging sites in London as there are petrol or diesel pumps, so when you add in private chargers, it’s simple to see how the balance will shift and charging will no longer be an issue.

“We designed this easy-to-use application to make it easier for people to find chargers when they’re out and about because more people than ever are on the verge of switching to EVs.”

Carwow has developed a service that allows drivers to search their local region for electric charging stations.

There are currently 8,380 gas stations in the UK, compared to 8,165 electric vehicle charging sites in only the top ten cities.

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