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Coronavirus is Airborne, So What? MWC 2020 Will Go On Despite Various Tech Giants Backing Out

MWC 2020 is coming up at the end of the month, but bringing up issues over the coronavirus outbreak, various organizations have decided to sit down the show out. Over the weekend, a China official confirmed that coronavirus can be airborne. As a result, several tech companies decided to skip MWC, too. Nevertheless, MWC’s organizers say that the show will move on, albeit with some enhanced health measures in the area.

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In an update published to its website, the GSMA – the organizing body at the back of MWC – stated that in spite of those high-profile businesses dropping out, the show would nonetheless be held as planned, though with a few more measures in the vicinity to make sure the protection of attendees. The GSMA says that no person from China’s Hubei province – where the coronavirus outbreak began – can be admitted to the show. Similarly, those who have currently been in China will want to illustrate that they’ve been in a foreign country for 14 days or longer before their admittance to MWC.

Temperature screenings would be made, and attendees are required to certify they have not been in contact with every person infected.” It also plans to double onsite medical guide and increase cleansing and disinfection programs “across all high-extent touchpoints.” Also, it’ll make sanitizing and disinfecting materials for public use.

Many expressed their concern with more than 100,000+ people from over 200 countries that would congregate in Barcelona with the death toll of the airborne virus now exceeding 520. Held from Feb. 24 to 27 in Barcelona, MWC is among the most significant events in the telecom’s event calendar.


GSMA CEO John Hoffman noted that the Coronavirus had created a disruption, particularly for exhibitors and attendees from around the world, inclusive of the 5,000-6,000 who attended from China.

Hoffman thanked the exhibitors for the preventive measures they have installed in place; however, GSMA’s CEO said the show is moving on as planned in the last week of February. 

While the GSMA verifies some large exhibitors have decided not to come back to the display this year with others still deliberating the next steps, we remain with more than 2,800 exhibitors strong.”

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The GSMA will now not permit attendees from Hubai province, the epicenter of the outbreak, to attend the event. All travelers who’ve been in China will need to deliver proof that they have got been outdoor of China for at least 14 days before they’re admitted to the event. 

Last week, the Catalan Health Minister, Alba Vergés, stated that the town of Barcelona become fully prepared for the occasion to go ahead.

The Catalan health system, according to Vergés, is prepared to face and treat Coronavirus, to give the most appropriate response.

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