Convertible drivers may be in difficulty this weekend due to thunderstorms, putting their safety at risk.


Convertible drivers may be in difficulty this weekend due to thunderstorms, putting their safety at risk.

This weekend, drivers in convertibles “may be in risk” due to lightning strikes and thunderstorms.

Convertibles, according to Graham Conway, General Manager of Select Car Leasing, “don’t have a complete metal structure,” which means drivers may not be adequately protected in storms. Ordinary automobiles are equipped with a metal structure that conducts electricity “around the vehicle’s perimeter.”

This will ensure that drivers are “unharmed” if their automobile is struck by lightning.

Convertible owners, on the other hand, do not have that luxury, and a safety warning has been issued ahead of expected weekend storms.

“If a car is struck by lightning, the metal structure serves as a Faraday cage,” Mr Conway explained.

“This implies that the energy is routed around the outside of the vehicle without harming anything or anyone inside.

“However, if you’re driving a convertible, even with the roof up, you’re not surrounded by a whole metal framework, which means you could be in trouble.”

Thunderstorms have been issued as yellow weather warnings in two parts of the UK today, according to the Met Office.

The yellow warning is in effect from noon today until 9 p.m. tonight in parts of the North East and South East.

“Thunderstorms may cause some travel disruption over Saturday afternoon and evening,” the Met Office has warned.

They warned that there is a “good risk” that standing water and possibly hail will hinder driving.

According to the Met Office, this could result in lengthier vehicle and bus journey times.

Mr. Conway cautioned that drivers can take a number of simple procedures to keep themselves safe while on the road.

During a lightning strike, he advised drivers to make sure they are “not touching any metal things.”

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Select Car Leasing also advised drivers to “be careful touching metal outside their vehicle immediately after a lightning strike.”

“While being in a standard car is rather safe if lightning strikes, there are still a number of factors to consider,” Mr Conway continued.

“Make sure you don’t touch any metal things inside the vehicle, such as door handles, stereo knobs, or gear shifters.

“Also, if your vehicle is hit, stay inside until the storm passes, and then take.”Brinkwire Summary News.”


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