Consumers have voted the tech giant’s basic “Apple” emblem as the most memorable.


Consumers have voted the tech giant’s basic “Apple” emblem as the most memorable.

Consumers have voted the tech giant’s basic “Apple” logo as the most memorable of all time.

Amazon’s A-Z design is now more recognizable than McDonald’s golden arches or even Coca-traditional Cola’s script logo, according to a poll of 2,000 consumers.

Nike, eBay, and Google, as well as Adidas, Cadbury, and the BBC, all made the top ten.

Audi came in sixth place, with their four interlocking rings being regarded more memorable than the next highest-ranking automaker, BMW (11th).

Shell, Twitter – and Playboy’s logos were also prominently displayed.

It was also shown that the recognition of a logo can affect customer spending, with more than a quarter of respondents (27%) saying they are more likely to buy from a small firm with a well-designed logo.

“A logo is much more than just the name of your product,” said Emily Shirley, general manager of Vistaprint UK and Ireland, which commissioned the study.

“If it’s well-designed and accurately portrays the brand, it can subtly reflect well on the firm owners or staff, directing customers’ money their way.

“Color, size, font choice, and form all have profound psychological affects on customers, and it’s critical that none of them go unnoticed.

“Creating a logo that survives the test of time is a huge accomplishment for any company, big or little, but it should never be thought of as unreachable for small businesses.”

The study also highlighted how customers feel about various sorts of logos, with blue logos being the most trustworthy and yellow logos being the least trustworthy.

One-third of respondents (36%) believe that a logo aids in visualizing a brand’s identity, and 15% believe that the parent company’s logo can be used to determine a product’s quality.

The majority of respondents asked believe that large corporations do not have better or more memorable logos than smaller enterprises, implying that all businesses are on an equal footing.

Logos were also rated more essential than advertising efforts, the “brand story,” and even the packaging as a whole for establishing trust and memory of a company.

If one in ten people were to start their own small business, getting the logo properly would be “the highest concern.”

Vistaprint UK and Ireland’s Emily Shirley remarked, “Investing in excellent quality.” Brinkwire Summary News.


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