Concerns about requests for cyclists to pay an additional “kind of tax.”


Concerns about requests for cyclists to pay an additional “kind of tax.”

DRIVERS are anxious about revisions to the Highway Code that would give pedestrians and bicycles more priority, prompting calls for higher taxes.

Some have previously advocated for cyclists to pay an additional fee based on their road usage. While some have suggested they pay a “road tax,” one has not existed since 1937, when it was abolished.

It was replaced by the Vehicle Excise Duty (VED), which is calculated depending on the quantity of carbon emissions produced by the vehicle.

Pedestrians, bicycles, and electric cars, of course, do not emit any exhaust emissions and hence do not have to pay the VED.

“Why do bikers pass no exam, pay no insurance, have no form of identification, yet benefit from my tax and jump between road and path depending on traffic lights?” one commenter on this website wondered.

“As a motorcyclist, I must pay taxes and insurance, as well as pass my license and display a vehicle identification plate (reg plate).

“I don’t want them to pay taxes or take a test; all I want is for them to follow the same rules as me and have an identify in case they disobey the rules, as well as insurance, because I’ve had multiple bikes pull out in front of me at crossings.

“As a side note, having a vehicle identifier like a registration plate may help to decrease theft.”

“What irritates me is when automobile drivers believe that everyone should get out of the way for them, and the way they park obstructing pavements and forcing pedestrians to walk on the carriageway!” wrote another comment.

Many people were angry about the forthcoming changes to the Highway Code and what they would mean for future drivers.

A third commentator proposed creating a national database of bikers to verify that everyone followed the rules.

“Use the road… pay for its upkeep,” they stated.

“Would you like to use cycling lanes to make your terrible wet commute to work safer… providing financial assistance to them

“£1 per week per bicycle… Annual registration with the DVLA, safety inspections similar to the MOT, and increased awareness training for those who break the law…”

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