Coincidentally: Long-lost PS1 game After 20 years, Magic Castle resurfaces, now accessible


Only a couple of weeks ago, the PlayStation 5 was announced and we can look forward to a fantastic first year for the console. But let’s not think about Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and Rift Apart: Ratchet & Clank.

After more than 20 years of obscurity, a PS1 game named Magic Castle has just been released. Yeah, that’s correct: in late 2020, a game developed for the original PlayStation was released.

A small group of Japanese designers created the Magic Castle concept in the late 90s, using a Net Yaroze.

It was offered to several major publishers, including Sony, after spending months developing the game, but the project was eventually not implemented.

Two decades later, one of the programmers, calling himself PIROWO, found the source code of the unfinished title.

Magic Castle is now freely available for download following some work to complete what was done all those years ago.

The game is a dungeon crawler roguelike.

You work your way through 20 randomly generated floors of the titular castle to face the big boss at the end, after picking one of four unique characters. On each run-through, you can kill monsters, find items and weapons, and explore the ever-changing dungeons. It’s a recipe that is really popular nowadays, but it was a much more imaginative notion in 1998. It’s a neat story, regardless of how the game looks. We have to wonder how many other half-finished PS1 games somebody’s machine is waiting for.

You can display a video at the top of this article that goes over much of the content of the game. You can download the game here if you want to try and play it yourself.


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