Classic dinosaurs and a cyberpunk cat are refreshing: our 2021 game picks


Gotham KnightsLast year’s Avengers group game was a little disappointing. Fans of DC will hope for more from this action game set in the world of Batman.

You will fight against the ever-increasing criminal powers of Gotham, as Nightwing, Batgirl, Robin and Red Hood do.

It appears ultra-stylish and atmospheric. -Release date: TBCDeathloopA sleek art deco shooter caught in a time loop about a time-traveling killer.

He’s trapped in an island party that’s repeatedly replicated and he has to take out eight of the guests, but the really fascinating part is that another assassin, controlled by another player, is trying to stop him from doing just that.

The story of an avant-garde action movie might easily be this. -Date of release: May 21StrayI believe we can all accept that there aren’t nearly enough video games to make you play like a cat.

You’re a wandering cat trying to flee from a city full of robots in Stray, from the arthouse publisher Annapurna.

In games, cyberpunk metropolises are not rare, but never before have we been able to experience one, nimble and unseen, from this viewpoint. -Release date: TBCHalo InfiniteThis game was expected to be released for the Xbox Series X in 2020, but we hope that the delay will provide an opportunity for developer 343 Industries to polish up the curiously bland-looking, numbered shooter demo we saw last year.

Halo is pure space opera at its best: action and fast-paced scores, daring escapes in roaring cars, and ridiculous firefights against extraterrestrial hordes. Keep crossing your fingers. – Release Date: TBCHogwarts LegacyA game that promises to fulfill the dormant dream of every Millennial to go to Hogwarts. Set in the late 1800s, rather than the more familiar Potter timeline, in the pre-Fantastic Beasts era, it will take you on an adventure both inside and outside the castle walls with monsters and sorcery. – Release Date: TBCHorizon Forbidden WestDo you love the thought of fighting nature-recovered robotic dinosaurs on a distant earth? Horizon Forbidden West, one of PlayStation 5’s flagship titles, sends brilliant red-haired protagonist Aloy on a search to reveal the mysteries of what used to be California. “new Minecraft”new Minecraft. The trailer has been watched over 57 million times since then, so the game has a lot of hype to live up to.

The next big thing for teenagers and pre-teens (and their parents) may be more visually refined and adventure-oriented than Minecraft. Release Date: TBCPsychonauts 2 Some of us have been waiting for this sequel for more than 15 years.

It’s a game about a crazy little boy who can move through the minds of other people to find his way through their trippy, endearingly strange inner worlds using telekinesis and levitation.

It promises fascinating fights with inner demons and a wicked sense of humor that is black-tinged. – Release date: TBCGoodbye Volcano High In this unusual-looking game that dives deep into teenage emotions, burgeoning romance, and coming-of-age themes, anthropomorphic dinosaurs feel their way through their senior year of high school. Graduation is nearing; are you going to tell the person how you really feel about them? Are the band going to stay together? Don’t be fooled by dinosaurs, it looks refreshingly new. TBCSableRemember Journey (2012), the tear-jerking arthouse adventure to find your way up a mountain? – Release date: Just imagine, but reinterpreted by Studio Ghibli, and you’re getting close to what Sable is all about. Sand and vast desert are the background, the stunning animations seem to belong to an Oscar nomination, the atmosphere is cool and mysterious. You’ll encounter other nomads on your travels, with whom you can team up to solve a puzzle or create a momentary bond. – Date of release: TBCC


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