Classic automobile owners face a “great amount of red tape” as a result of Brexit laws.


Classic automobile owners face a “great amount of red tape” as a result of Brexit laws.

For historic automobile owners, BREXIT has resulted in a “massive amount of red tape,” with additional paperwork costing hundreds of pounds.

The Historic and Classic Vehicle Association’s Malcolm McKay claimed that moving cars to the EU had become more difficult, deterring many people from traveling. He claimed that the historic automobile business “hadn’t thought through” the challenges of dealing with foreign borders as the United Kingdom exited the EU.

However, he argues that new standards might be “streamlined” in order to keep demand for historic car travel high as limitations drop this summer.

“Now that we are out of the EU, there are 26 potential different borders to cross and different ways of interacting with the different nations,” Mr Mckay told This website.

“Certainly, I don’t believe the historic automobile business had considered or anticipated it.

“There is a lot of red tape and paperwork, and I’m sure there is a way to reduce it.

“In some ways, that was unavoidable because that was the case in the past with transporting vehicles from the UK to nations that were not members of the EU.

“However, because of our long-standing great relationship with the EU, I believe everyone expected it to be more raider than it is today.

“It’s caused a slew of issues.”

Experts at Hagerty cautioned antique car owners earlier this year that transferring their vehicles across borders would be challenging.

They warned that this would turn the car into a form of “goods,” necessitating the acquisition of an Access/Temporary Access Carnet.

This ATA Carnet serves as a passport for products, ensuring that they will not vanish once they enter the nation.

Specialist finance businesses, Hagerty warns, will offer to pay the charges in exchange for a predetermined fee, making it “reasonably affordable” for owners.

Owners of valuable classics, on the other hand, may be forced to spend tens of thousands of pounds” to participate in a tour.

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Mr McKay predicted that increased paperwork expenses would reduce demand for historic car events held abroad.

He told this website that the additional fees made it “unworthwhile” to move their cars, with many preferring to drive instead. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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