Cisco’s Hybrid Work Index examines the current setup and suggests ways to improve it; AI and mobile devices are the new normal.


Cisco releases a Global Hybrid Work Index for October 2021, and it brings along several key points that would help industry leaders.

It aims to let leaders, managers, and concerned people know more about the trends and wants of an employee or corporation during this new normal, where people are restricted at home to stem the spread of the virus.

Cisco’s Global Hybrid Work Index

The Global HWI for October 2021 focuses on one thing: to help all types of businesses learn more about the trends and needs and apply them to improve the workplace.

Cisco has focused on four key points in this study: People and culture, Collaboration, Security, and Networking. And while these are not exact directions for a business to thrive, it helps people understand more of the current happenings to apply it to their focus.

A few key takeaways include 200% growth in AI capabilities for improved meeting engagement, mobile meetings increase by 300% during the pandemic, and security, wherein the hybrid workforce was targeted with more than 100 million email threats daily in September 2021 alone.

Key findings for HR and People Leaders

  • People want choice, and the hybrid workplace increases employee loyalty: 64% agree that the ability to work remotely instead of coming into an office directly affects whether they stay or leave a job. However, there is also uncertainty whether employers will realize the potential of hybrid work: only 47% think that their company will allow working from anywhere vs. in-office over the next 6-12 months.
  • Flexibility and Wellness are key drivers for hybrid work: An overwhelming majority of respondents agree that personal health and wellness, along with flexible work arrangements, are non-negotiables as we move into the future of hybrid work.
  • Hybrid work drives a surge in on-the-go meetings: Pre-pandemic, people used mobile devices 9% of the time to connect to their meetings. In a hybrid work world, this number tripled and is now at 27%.
  • Meetings abound, but not everyone “participates” the same way: More than 61 million meetings take place globally every month via Cisco Webex. And in any one of them, only 48% of participants are likely to speak. In addition, 98% of meetings have at least 1 person joining remotely – increasing the need for inclusion and engagement of remote participants, so that they feel equal to their peers on-site.
  • Hybrid Work means increased access to diverse talent: 82% of survey respondents agree that. Brinkwire Summary News.

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