Chromecast and Google TV now have a game-changing new feature.


Chromecast and Google TV now have a game-changing new feature.

A game-changing new feature has been added to Chromecast and Google TV.

Google TV users who have a Chromecast have noticed a push from the Californian search engine to try out its new subscription service.

Google is pushing its next-generation streaming box, the Chromecast with Google TV, to entice people to subscribe to its video game streaming platform, Google Stadia. For owners of the latest Chromecast, the Netflix-for-games service has begun to appear in the For You page.

The latter is one of the most notable differences between the Chromecast with Google TV and older Chromecast set-top devices. The Chromecast used to be completely controlled by a smartphone, with users selecting an episode or movie on their phone and then beaming the media to the Chromecast, but the newly redesigned device now has its own menu and streaming apps.

While you’re watching, Chromecast with Google TV will start making recommendations based on your tastes. A selection of recommended movies and boxsets can be found on the For You page. It’s unclear whether Google is recommending Google Stadia to specific viewers based on their preferences, or if it thinks the new subscription service would appeal to everyone.

If you have a Google Stadia membership, any games you play on the Google TV interface will be treated as boxsets and films. As a result, you’ll be able to return to your most recent title under the banner “Recently Played Game” on the homepage. Stadia can also be added to the “Your Services” tab of the Settings menu.

Google Stadia’s free tier will launch in April 2020, followed by the paid tier in November 2019. Stadia is a video game streaming service that enables you play popular titles on a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and Chromecasts. While none of these devices have the processing power of a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, Google’s server farms allow customers to play high-end games.

So, while Google does the complex graphics, all you have to do is send the completed film to your smartphone.

As a result, devices designed specifically for binge-watching Netflix boxsets may now play some of the most popular video game franchises. That’s because they only do one thing: stream video, similar to how Netflix operates. Google Stadia supports 4K Ultra HD at 60 frames per second, as well as photos with a high dynamic range (HDR).

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