Check your Gmail account right now! You may have just received a valuable free upgrade.


Check your Gmail account right now! You may have just received a valuable free upgrade.

GMAIL users on Android have recently received a significant performance bump, making the email client immensely faster to use.

If you use Gmail on an Android phone, you may have recently received a significant upgrade. According to Android Police, Google has secretly rolled out a new update to its popular email program that will significantly speed up the loading of key pages in Gmail on Android. Quick Results is the name of the new Gmail function, and it will come in useful when you’re trawling through your inbox looking for a specific e-mail.

As you put in the search field, the update will offer quick search results.

Results will appear as soon as you write the first letter of your search query, and as you type more characters, the results will change.

Given the speed with which these results show in Gmail, it appears that the search is conducted on-device rather than via servers.

This makes sense, and it explains why Quick Results aren’t shown the first few times you open Gmail after the feature’s launch.

Gmail, on the other hand, will use local data to swiftly display search results after it has synced.

This could save you a lot of time, especially if you don’t check your e-mails very often and have a lot of messages in your inbox.

On Android, the Quick Results functionality looks to be broadly available currently.

If you haven’t yet been able to utilize it, consider updating your Gmail app to have access to the useful new feature.

The announcement comes as Google updates the desktop version of Gmail with new search features.

Gmail’s advanced search icon and prompt wording are being modified, and the deployment is expected to be finished by the end of next month.

In a blog post, Google explained the changes to Gmail’s search box, saying, “We’re introducing two adjustments to the search box in Gmail.”

“Icon for advanced search has been updated. The icon for advanced search options has been altered, and the icon placement has changed.

“Clicking this icon brings up a visual interface that uses Gmail’s advanced search operators to help you locate specific emails.

“For Gmail and Chat users, an update to the prompt text has been made. If you’re using Gmail and Google Chat, the search box’s hint text will now indicate “search all chats.” “Brinkwire Summary News” is all you need.


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