Cheat code Secret NieR Automata skips the whole game


NieR Automata is famous for requiring several playthroughs to unlock the “true” ending – maybe even notorious. But what if you don’t have time to get your job done? Well, in Square Enix’s action RPG, infamous video game hacker Lance McDonald – best known for reverse-engineering Bloodborne to run at 60 frames per second – has discovered a super-secret cheat code that quick-forwards the entire game.

In NieR Automata, I found a cheat code that allows you to skip to the final ending and unlock bonus modes immediately after the first boss is killed. Soon, I’ll make a full video. It’s not a glitch, it’s a genuine hardcoded cheat code in the generator. @yokotaro 3 January, 2021 Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon)

The cheat code basically allows you to jump from the first boss to the very last one.

This is not an exploit: it is hard-coded into the game and was presumably used for testing purposes by the development team. Either that, or it’s just an Easter Egg that’s very, very well-hidden. We wonder what other cheat codes are available that nobody knows?


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