Changes to driving and theory examinations are on the way as limitations are eased.


Changes to driving and theory examinations are on the way as limitations are eased.

Most restrictions have been lifted as part of FREEDOM DAY, but how will this affect driving and theory tests?

From Monday, England will enter stage four of the government’s plan to end the lockdown, which will see numerous freedoms restored. The legal necessity to wear a mask has stopped, albeit some venues, most notably any Transport for London (TfL) services, will still require it.

The Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has revised its guidelines on the modifications that will be implemented in England.

Drivers are still expected to wear a facial covering during driving tests if they are able.

If a motorist wishes to take a test without wearing a face shield, they must notify the DVSA ahead of time.

A “good reason” for the driver not to wear a mask will also be required.

Medical exemptions will still be allowed, but they must be notified ahead of time.

This includes mental diseases, impairments, or disabilities that make wearing or removing a face mask impossible.

You will not need to wear a face covering if it causes you considerable distress.

Wearing glasses is not a valid explanation for not wearing a face mask, according to the DVSA.

Before taking the test, drivers are advised to practice with a face covering and glasses.

To ensure continual airflow, the car must be clean and adequately aired during the test.

Because driving instruction take place in an enclosed location, the government expects and encourages that people wear face covers.

Changes to theoretical tests will be implemented after July 19th.

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Individuals will be able to choose whether or not to wear a facial covering as a result of amended government instructions.

This is only true for English exam centers.

While the DVSA allows for personal discretion, it highly advises users to cover their faces throughout the test to help prevent the virus from spreading.

Screens and workstation partitions, among other safety precautions, will remain in place.

Scotland and Wales will keep its coronavirus restrictions in place, so there will be no modifications to the safety precautions.

Regardless, Scotland has increased the number of theoretical examinations accessible for booking. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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