Changes in speed limits: A blanket switch from 30 to 20 mph isn’t always the greatest option.


Changes in speed limits: A blanket switch from 30 to 20 mph isn’t always the greatest option.

According to experts at IAM RoadSmart, changing speed limits isn’t “necessarily the optimal option” for improving road safety.

The implementation of a “blanket prohibition” on the decrease of 30mph zones to 20mph limits has raised concerns from Neil Greig, Director of Policy and Research. To determine the optimum method, he said highways should be reviewed on a “case-by-case basis.”

Schemes, he argued, should take into account “local considerations” and be “self-enforcing.”

Before any adjustments are considered, he has called for local surveys to be held to get feedback on how proposals may affect local communities.

“Improving road safety is critical, but a blanket prohibition on dropping 30mph speed limits to 20mph speed restrictions isn’t always the best route,” Mr Greig added.

“Each issue must be evaluated on its own merits, with local concerns and consultation playing a key role.”

“The most important criterion for any 20mph zone is that it be self-enforcing and self-explanatory, either through logical signposting and road markings or the installation of high-quality traffic calming features.”

Wales will be the only region in the UK to implement a 20mph speed limit in residential zones.

The Welsh Government’s legislative goals for the year include plans to modify the limits, with pilot projects set to begin by the end of 2021.

These will cover a wide range of areas, including the Vale of Glamorgan, Port Talbot, and portions of Cardiff.

Before any new guidelines are revealed, a 12-week consultation period will be held between July and September.

If approved, the new program will go into effect in April 2023 across the country.

According to new research from IAM RoadSmart, support for lowering speed limits has grown in recent years.

According to a poll, nearly half of the drivers polled are now in favor of changing speed limits.

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All present 30mph limits should be replaced with 20mph speeds, according to 44 percent of drivers.

In a comparable study conducted in 2014, 13% of respondents agreed that adjustments should be done.

Just over half of drivers (54%) want the speed limit on the street in front of their residence lowered to 20 mph.

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