‘Carmageddon’: Staycations in caravans and motorhomes may cause highways to become ‘gridlocked.’


‘Carmageddon’: Staycations in caravans and motorhomes may cause highways to become ‘gridlocked.’

As restrictions are loosened on Freedom Day, caravan and motorhome vacations may result in gridlock on the roadways.

According to new statistics from traffic specialists Waze, people are “very eager” to get back on the road. According to the app’s experts, there has been a significant increase in the number of “caravans and motorhomes” traveling in the UK.

They warn that removing the limitations could result in “carmageddon” on the roadways as drivers flee in panic.

Ruairdh Roberts, Waze UK Country Manager, warned this website that UK roadways will become “gridlocked.”

He has asked vehicles to avoid traveling during peak hours and to consider using a different route to avoid getting stranded.

“Our data suggests a strong desire to get back on British roads this summer,” he said.

“The UK motorway network will become gridlocked if good planning is not implemented.

“Not only is this a horrible start to a staycation, but it’s also a significant trigger for the 43 percent of responders who grow upset after just 30 minutes of traffic.

“Avoiding travel during peak hours, planning ahead of time, and adopting a route that is longer in miles but shorter in cars are just a few of the ways motorists can avoid congestion this summer.”

According to Waze data, two-thirds of British drivers have scheduled a staycation rather than a vacation abroad.

In comparison to usual years, the number of staycations booked has increased by 52%.

According to Waze, famous tourist destinations such as the Lake District, Cornwall, and Devon will be the hardest hit.

A total of 21% of drivers indicated they were planning a trip to the Lake District or Cornwall, with 19% planning a trip to Devon.

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As a result, congested motorways including the M6, A30, A38, M5 and A303 are expected to become traffic hotspots.

According to a Waze survey, 53 percent of drivers feel traffic is their main complaint while traveling domestically.

However, avoiding traffic appears to be nearly impossible as demand reaches previously unheard-of levels.

Last month, the DVSA issued a warning to caravan owners planning staycations that they could face significant fines.


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